KUNG FU TV series Icon David Carradine’s ex-wife endorses Sun Born Natural Products Co. Herbal Chi Balm now available in USA

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Herbal Chi Balm
in USA.

 “I tried it on my sore neck and back, and the pain went away, leaving me with a relaxed, warm, calm feeling in my muscles.  I’m going to use it next time I get a massage too!” said Anderson.

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Late TV Kung Fu TV Series Icon David Carradine’s Ex
endorses Herbal Chi Balm by Sun Born Natural Products Co. 

LOS ANGELES, CA—Sun Born Natural Products Co. announced

Marina Anderson and Lulu, a cousin of "Lassie" TV Legend

Marina Anderson and Lulu, a cousin of "Lassie" TV Legend

today that it’s has earned the support of Actress Marina Anderson, the ex-wife of the late TV Kung Fu series Icon David Carradine.Sun Born Natural Product’s Herbal Chi Balm is a specialized natural product used for relief of pain from physical exertion, minor injury, and used for sports training.

The Herbal Chi Balm formula contains 100 percent pure organic unrefined Shea Butter, and lavender oil along with 20 hot and cold Chinese herbs. “I tried it on my sore neck and back, and not only did it help the pain go away, but it left me with a relaxed, warm, calm feeling in my muscles,” said Marina Anderson. “I’m going to use it next time I get a massage too!”

Marina Anderson

Actress Marina Anderson has a new line of Jewelry -TheFlyingGoddess.com

Anderson, a noted actress (Law & Order: Los AngelesDesperate HousewivesThe Good Life (1997)Natural Selection (1999)Dangerous Curves (2000) (to name a few) is also a voice-over artist, writer, producer, designer makeup artist, acting teacher and coach, personal manager and career consultant. For more than 35 years,Anderson has ventured in practically every facet of the entertainment industry in front of and behind the camera.

Anderson joins other worldwide celebrities, who are using the Herbal Chi Balm from Sun Born Natural Products Co. former Sambo World Champion, National Judo Champion, and 11 time Martial Arts Hall of Fame award winner Grandmaster Jody Perry support Balm.

patrick johnson, olympic track star

Olympic Track Star Patrick Johnson

World Class Sprinter, 100 meter record holder, and previous Olympic Runner Patrick Johnson is another big supporter. “I have found Herbal Chi Balm to be extremely effective in relieving sore muscle discomforts, and it is very beneficial for training when used prior to my warm ups and later when I cool down,” he said.

   Both athletes use the product on a regular basis.

Besides being an excellent pain reliever, according many pro, semi pro, and sports enthusiasts who have used the product, Herbal Chi Balm has the added benefit of improving stamina, balance, focus, and flexibility, giving them an edge in their sport. The product was developed by combining ancient herbal science with 21st century technology involving quantum physics.

David Carradine as Caine in the original Kung Fu

Image via Wikipedia

The actress was responsible, as personal manager and  publicist, for resurrecting the career of the late Kung Fu  TV Icon Actor David Carradine (her now, ex-husband),  which led to Carradine starring in Quentin Tarrantino’s  film Kill Bill (2004).

During their six years together, her life and career with Carradine has been highly publicized worldwide. Most recently Anderson wrote a book on David Carradine and also has a new line of jewelry called, “The Flying Goddess.” (pictured below)

goddess heart by marina anderson


For the full story:

visit: http://www.mayocommunications.com/2011-NEWS%20RELEASES/NR-390.htm


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